Last night, while watching The Sound of Music: Live! with Alicia and Becky, LO asked if I wanted to go see Peter and the Starcatcher at the Kennedy Center. It’s the play that Christian Borle won a Tony. The Girls further explained that it was the story of Peter Pan.

I interrupted them to say I am not a huge Peter Pan fan. The only version of Peter Pan I have ever watched (and no, I have never read any stories either) is the televised version of the musical with Mary Martin. We had a VHS of that version, and watched it numerous times. I actually remember the day Mary Martin died. We were still living in Pennsylvania, and we were driving somewhere. The radio announced that “Peter Pan” had died. I think Bradley cried. *

The Girls quizzed me on this: hadn’t I seen the cartoon? Hook? A debate broke out on what parts of Hook are scary.

I realized by the end of the night, my children could be sitting around with friends 30+ years from now discussing The Sound of Music in the exact same way. Would my children think of Maria as having a slightly Okie-sounding speaking accent? Would they think Rolf and the Baroness are suppose to be brunettes? Would they never really know the sophistication of a Christopher Plummer Captain? Be able to sing “I Have Confidence” when feeling down?

This reminds me of Dad’s joke about The Sound of Music:


One year, when the Julie Andrews version was on TV, we were not old enough to stay up to watch the whole thing. But this was not our first viewing, so no harm done really. The next day, I jokingly asked Dad how the movie ended.

His response: the Nazi’s shot the Von Trapps down on the Alps. They were reincarnated in Utah as the Osmonds.

*Editors note: This could also be combining the story of hearing Jim Henson had died. But I know that I was told somehow that Mary Martin had died.

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