Chronological list of cars I remember my family owning 1988-present, with model years IIRC:

Chevy Nova (fifth generation)
Chevrolet Celebrity
Lincoln Continental (eighth generation)
Red sedan, with green interior roof Dad bought in 1994-95 Updated by Mum: this was a Toyota of some sort (I think it was a Camry v10). It was sold to Papa, Mum’s dad, before we went to Texas. He drove it for a long time, then sold it to one of my cousins.
1988 Volvo 740*
1998 Volvo s70 s90^ (updated with correct model by Mum)
2000 Nissan Frontier^
1988 Acura Legend***
Buick Century
1996 Volkswagen Jetta**
Volkswagen New Beetle
2003 Chrysler Sebring*
2002 Volvo s40^
2012 Nissan Juke^
2000 Volvo v40^

* Destroyed by me
** Self destructed, then resurrected by Dad and sold on Craigslist
*** Yes, the Acura endured both
^ Owned today

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