$110 for Craigslist Jeff Mangum tickets that were not used; 
$95 on tickets that were used

Jeff Mangum touring should probably be put on a list of reasons why the Mayans were correct about the world ending in 2012. When tickets went on sale in November, we were already too late to purchase them. We discussed going to New Haven, since that show was not sold out. But Josh had an oral argument that week in Denver. The scheduling wouldn’t work.

The Thursday before the Friday show in DC at the Lincoln Theatre, I saw a Washington Post write-up where the show was not listed as being sold out for either of the two nights. Tickets were only $45 a piece. False. It WAS sold out at the theatre (that spelling started to wear on my last nerve during this 36 hour ordeal).

I did two things 1. went to Craigslist, and 2. argued with my husband. See, the limited information online about this show was very adamant that your name had to appear on your ticket to enter the show. Jeff Mangum/Ticketmaster/the ghost of Abraham Lincoln did not like scalpers. The tickets I purchased from Craigslist had someone else name on them. Josh refused to use them or let me manipulate the pdf.

After arguing about this for a day and a half with many e-mails and phone calls to various ticket agents and the show promoters, we decided to at least go to the theatre and try our luck. But Josh, in particular, thought we had little chance of gaining entry to the show.

Then at 5 o’clock that day, I checked the 9:30 Club’s Twitter and saw that they released a few tickets. (During our struggle to verify the Craigslist tickets, we found out that the 9:30 Club was running the show.) So I purchased two tickets with my name on them. Bye-bye another $100.

And of course no one checked our tickets to see whose name was on them. But, the new seats were about 7 rows from the front. The look on Josh’s face when we arrived at our legal seats was worth it. Kinda.

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