March was always going to be a busy month. Everyday in March, I was grateful for its almost five full weeks. I needed each of those days to accomplish everything on my to do list. And for the most part, I feel successful.

I recruited almost 150 volunteers for Taste of the Nation, whose $20 volunteer donation netted our event roughly $2500. In addition to helping spearhead a ministry for parents with young children (don’t ask), I organized two Lent soup dinners at the Cathedral on Friday nights. My effort to partner with a local restaurant resulted in having the soup, bread and spoons all donated. Making gallons of soup was not possible in March.

It was also not possible to not be rude. I left a restaurant during a birthday party because I couldn’t handle the crowd, the confusion and my time was too precious that night. I still feel bad and hope a friendship isn’t effected.

The wedding took a backseat in March. We printed our invitations and shopped for clothes for our upcoming engagement session. The only freak out in March revolved around the wedding, but that’s not totally accurate. It was about the rehearsal. The rehearsal issues are worth their own post, because it has caused more stress than any other element of the wedding, hands down.

I learned how to delegate for the wedding in March. Or I learned how to communicate about the wedding in March. There was a period where I kept telling people (the Fiancé and Mum) that they needed to help me with the wedding. Eventually the Fiancé responded with “You keep saying you need help but you won’t tell me what to do!” I took a deep breath and asked if he had accomplished the few things I’d previously asked him to do in regards to the wedding. No.

That is fine! I’m not holding it against him! Really, I’m not. But I’m also not going to give him additional tasks to accomplish. He is busy, and I can do things faster anyway. I set out an expectation in March that if you (the Fiancé, Mum, family) want something for the wedding (a shower, a tea, a bachelor party, and at this point, a rehearsal dinner) it is up to you to help me. I will not be disappointed in my wedding if those things don’t happen. I am just too busy to get emotionally involved.

By the end of March, rooms were booked at the hotel where I wanted rooms booked, our first wedding gift arrived, and my dress was taken to the tailor for its first fitting. Most importantly, I want to spend every March for the next 60 years with the Fiancé.

That didn’t change.

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