One of my favorite days as an engaged person so far was the last day the Fianc&eacute lived in Boston. I had two appointments at bridal salons in downtown Boston, to try on dresses that I could only find in Boston. So that Friday afternoon, I left him and a friend to move sofas and beds into the moving truck. I had a really wonderful time trying on dresses by myself at both Bella Bridesmaid and Priscilla of Boston. I was even measured for a dress that looked like July 23 at Priscilla of Boston.

The dress was $2800, which I thought I could afford. You have to remember that this was the end of July, and we had been wedding planning for barely a month. I sent photos of the dress to Mum, and she was pleased. Then I went back to the Fianc&eacute’s apartment that night and proceeded to freak out. See, I received an e-mail that day from a wedding photographer who quoted her basic services at $6500.

$2800 + $6500 = me awake all night rocking in a corner

No, literally. I couldn’t sleep in the Fianc&eacute’s room, and he needed to sleep so he could drive to Virginia the next day. So I went into the other bedroom that was now empty since all the furniture had been moved out and laid flat on the carpet. My brain raced with ideas on how to afford a wedding.

Needless to say, my wedding dress did not cost $2800 and our photographer is not the woman who sent me the e-mail that day.

But I love my dress and my photographer.

* * *

Have I mentioned that there are four young women other than myself engaged in my office? And another woman was just married in January. Someone commented that our office is now like the WE channel: all weddings, all the time.

One of those women went to a truck show on Friday, where the designer was present. I told her to keep her wits about her. Trunk shows are notorious traps for brides. Salons will offer you percentages off to entice you into buying a dress right! then! even when you might not be ready to purchase a dress.

She sent me an e-mail at 5:30 Friday with a link to a dress and a message “I think I found the one!” But today, we had three separate discussions about if it was “the one”. Because this “one” woke her up Friday night and kept her up for three hours. She felt like such a sucker.

I told her at least she didn’t have to go lie on the floor in an empty room.

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