McKatie recently told me about her new standard chocolate chip cookie recipe, producing big and chewy cookies. On Sunday, I decided to try this recipe while Josh was at work. He got home as I was putting the last tray of only two cookies into the oven. We quickly switched gears to making dinner, so I turned the oven off when the buzzer rang to let the last tray cool in the oven.

Josh took half of the cookies to work the next day to share with another chambers’ clerks. I took the remaining to my office where I had to fight to save a few to bring to the outdoor movie later in the evening. When we both returned home cookie-less on Monday night, I was bummed. I had only had three of my own cookies! Curse my baking generosity!

Last night, Wednesday night, I opened the oven to make dinner and found the last two cookies still sitting on their baking sheet in the oven.

I ate them. They were still chewy and delicious.

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